I have something new in the works.! It shall be coming very very soon.! It’s taking time, but hopefully when I post about it and publish it people will like it.!  Go to my other site facingfame to stay updated.!! Follow & subscribe to my NEW blog.!! 


I have been busy since I got back which was a few days ago.! You can catch up on my recent posts 16 hours & 2 Days30 Minutes & It’s ClosedMagical Place EverFacing Fame & way more on my page about my trip.! 


I had an event this weekend that I attended and now that the week has started I need to start on this new thing I am doing.! I am scared because I tried this before and now I am definitely trying it again in a new light.! I am eagered to see how it turns out and how people react.! Hopefully good reactions.!  

This whole weekend been different so why not keep the tradition going.?? 



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