Road Trip Back

Okay everyone so tomorrow morning is almost here which means it’s almost time to leave this beauty.!!! I had so much fun here, such a relaxed time here.! I wasn’t thinking about nothing or worrying about nothing, but just relaxing and having a good time.! I don’t want to leave, but I know things are in the works.! Bigger and better things comes to those that wait.! Patience is key.!!

I had a great time in Florida.! We went to Disney and that was all I needed 🙂 The pool and terrace was great.!! Wasn’t heated like we were told, but everything was still fantastic.! Now time for the road trip back and as much as I love road trips I love being away from the expensive NY more.!! If it wasn’t so damn expensive I would stay.! But some places aren’t for some people and I am okay with that.!


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