30 Minutes & It’s Closed

Today was an intense day to say the least.! We checked out of the hotel and came to the house we are renting, BUT we came early so we wanted to know if we can get in, but we couldn’t, not until 2pm.! So we went to Dunkin Donuts for an hour.

Once the hour passed we headed back and finally got to go inside.! I didn’t take pictures of the house, but I will tomorrow and show it in my next blog.! AND GUESS WHAT.? THE HOUSE IS BLUE.!!!!! My favorite color.! 🙂

Me and my sister got the first master room in the house because the bed is smaller than the second one so my parent’s wouldn’t have fit on the bed.! My mom is angry though because everything else in the room is huge.! Our bathtub is bigger and has a seating area, our closet, and the bathroom itself.! I believe our T.v. is bigger as well.! The only thing not bigger is the bed.!! #WEIRD.!!!! And we also have two extra twin rooms.! I am loving our bedroom.!!! #INLOVE

We went grocery shopping and bought ALOT of things.! So we are packed for the two weeks that we are here.! After shopping we went to go to this chinese place where they serve peaking duck since my dad wanted it really badly.! So we drove 30 mins or a little bit less and waited in traffic for it to be closed since July 4th up until the 13th.! So we were very angry that we made that drive.! But my sister got her Starbucks and we ended up getting Bubbalou’s BBQ since it was next to the closed chinese store.! We came home ate our food and then my mom, sister, and I went into our pool and swam around for a bit until the lightening started getting closer to the water so we had to get out.!

Overall the day was intense and full.!! Here are some pictures I took.! P.S. Bathing Suit is from Walmart.! 🙂


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