Recap Of My Weekend

I am sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I have been real busy.! There was so much running around to do for the 4th of July and for my vacation that I am currently on.! I thought since I am relaxed and not doing much as of yet I should update everyone.! This post will be about my Independence weekend and I will make another post about my vacation.!

Monday, 4th Of July we hosted a family party.! We usually do huge parties, but not this year.! It was still soo much fun, nonetheless.!

Okay so we had to put up tents in our yard because it was supposed to rain later on in the evening, (which it did on and off). We had cupcakes and cakes, Blue and Red and White of course.!! 🙂 My dad played his music and we danced and partied and had so much fun.! We had a little hiccup during the party, but we didn’t let that stop us.! We had massive amount of fun for our final.! We are trying to move which is why this vacation is very important.! (Will explain in more detail in my other post). But for our final BBQ we had an AMAZING TIME.!!! Of course.! We’re the Alexander’s after all and we end it with a BANG.! 🙂

Here are some pictures I captured of the fireworks while I was recording, and some pictures of the day.! Hope you guys enjoyed your Independence Day.! God Bless.

More pictures on my  FB & IG

UPDATE: Post about my vacation starts here 16 hours & 2 Days



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