Another Year

What do you do for your birthday.? When you turn those big milestones, 18 or even 21.? What do you do for your birthday for any age.? Do you have parties, go out clubbing, or go somewhere with your significant other, like to a private location for vacation.?

I don’t think I can name a birthday where it was the BEST.! Where no other birthday will ever top it.! I had a couple of good birthdays when I was young, but this past birthday, my 21st, was a great one.! I went to a club and went to the top floor and I got in for free with my friend.! 🙂 So that was fun.! But I know for a fact I will do something way better and have more fun for another birthday.! But when.? It’s just another year for me.! Dont get me wrong I am blessed to be alive for another year and just eachday, BUT it’s my birthday and I will love to to be able to have the best time on and for my birthday.! Having a birthday on Christmas Day is not fun, but I try and make the best of it.!

I don’t want just another year anymore I want the BEST day of my life each year.! I am excited to see what I do for my 22nd birthday though.!

What about you.? Is it another year or the best day for you.?


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