Which Premiered Better.??

If you watch Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters then you will love this post.! This post will be about which season premiere was better.! Pretty Little Liars season 7 premiere or The Fosters season 4 premiere.

Pretty Little Liars

OMG within 4 days they are digging a grave and you hear Emily say OMG Hanna what have we done.??!!! So the question is whose grave are they digging.? Rewind 4 days back now….. Can we talk about how sexy Toby used his police badge to get answers about who Mrs. Dilarentis look-a-like is.?? Yupps it’s her twin Mary Drake.

I felt so bad for Hanna who was being tortured and was in such pain. You see the group especially Caleb racing to find her and get her home safely.! Can we talk about the fact that Caleb treated his gf SPENCER like she was shit this entire episode.? He was acting so disrespectful towards her.! SMH.! But they had 24 hours to save Hanna. OMG talk about the Hanna face doll that they showed in the commercial when it was hanging from the ceiling.! Thank God it was just a doll.!

You also see them trying to figure out who killed Charlotte. Which they end up assuming it to be Ali.! Emily out of everyone should have Ali’s back and she threw her under the bus.! But that’s a story for another day.! You also see Caleb and Mona working together.! And of course #Ezria & #Spoby working together.!!! 🙂

You also see Emily checking up on Ali to get some answers but of course she sees a deranged Ali instead thanks to her husband.! And when she goes back later on to talk to Ali about her sister’s death Ali says God forgive me…. But the girl could be talking about anything at that point.! At the end of the episode Ali’s husband comes in to talk to Ali and says he knows she killed Char. thanks to Caleb who gave him her jacket from the night ezria saw Ali. He injected Ali with something and now she knows he is evil.!!

SIDENOTE– Ezria also talks about their love life triangle, and Spencer talks to Mary Drake to try to get answers from her.! Hanna dreams up Spencer because why not dream up your best friend when you cheated on your fiancée with your ex whose your best friend’s boyfriend.? Hanna escapes thanks to her imaginary Spencer but runs into Mary Drake in the end……..

Overall I gave this episode a B+


The Fosters

So much happened in this episode.! Callie told her mothers that she made love to Brandon and they aren’t too pleased with that.! All while Nick is mentally unstable and is carrying a gun around.!

Nick tells Mariana that he saw her kiss Matt and she tries to explain to him that it was a goodbye kiss. That she choose Nick over Matt because she was happy and starting new again which is what she wanted.! But he was soo over the edge with the kiss and his dad bashing him he didn’t care and couldn’t hear what she was saying.!

Callie tells Brandon that she told their moms because she couldn’t keep it a secret no more.! But while they were talking Brandon’s dad was telling his mother that everyone is looking for Nick because his father’s warehouse was on fire.! They think he did it.! They look for Mariana to talk to her and she tells them what she knows.! About the kiss and everything and how he seemed weird.! Suspecting something is wrong they ask the dad whose in the office if Nick will ever hurt himself or others and if he has access to a gun.! And of course he does….  his dad’s.

The school goes on lockdown while they look for Nick and everyone is in classes, BUT Mariana who was in the bathroom while the alarm was going off. She tried getting into a class, BUT no one would let her in so she hid in the bathroom.! They were all looking for Nick, but couldn’t find him.! They slowly started letting people out the classes, but no one could find Mariana.! She wasn’t in any of the classes and no one has seen her.! But thank God a Swat person came into the bathroom and saved her.! Everyone was soo happy.! The moment her brother runs towards her was the most beautiful moment.!

SIDENOTE: Callie and Brandon ended up in a middle school class and there was a substitute teacher who didn’t know what to do so they helped out with the children and they talked.! Jude is still confused about his sexuality & Jesus was in the office with one of his moms.!

At the end they all go home and Stef checks the house but apparently not thoroughly because Nick is in the house and we will soon find out what he will do to Mariana.!

This premiere was definitely rated an A+ for me.!! I mean why not.? It talked about the gun issues around schools and of course addressed the shooting in Orlando before the show.! The fact that this show loves to talk about soft, sensitive topics like this all the time is AMAZING AND BRAVE AND BOLD.!!!


What about you guys which did u love more.????


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