I Am Marrying My Father.!

I will be marrying my father.! How weird is that.? Do I really want to marry my father.? I sure DO NOT.!! BUT how many of you get the you will marry your father talk.? I know I didn’t get that talk, but I know a lot of people who did and weirdly they did actually marry their fathers. How many of you want to marry your fathers.?

Okay so let me explain. I don’t mean literally marry your father, but a man whose like him.! You ever heard people say, “OMG he’s just like my father. Great I am marrying my father.”.? A lot of women want a man who has the same qualities as their father.! For me I want my future husband to have my dad’s qualities in treating his woman like a queen, spoiling me, being respectful, being considerate, family man, loving man, caring, HE CANT BE TENUOUS either.! My dad isn’t so he can’t be.! I want a MAN. Someone who can treat me like the best woman he can ever marry.! My dad treats my mom like that all the time.! I am used to certain things because of him & I won’t go for anything less than what I deserve or what I’ve been shown and told I SHOULDCAN have.!

How many of you are married or in a relationship with your father.??

Like Katherine Heigl said in Killers, “I can’t believe the one man I happen to fall in love with and marry is EXACTLY like my father.”



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