My Type

My type of friendship is fun, crazy, honest, real, lovable, caring, close. Same qualities I look for in a MAN.! I want a best friend.! Those best friends where people are like geesh I never see one without the other lols.! The type where if I say I am going for a road trip people will be like “Oh let me guess you are going with …” Because we do everything together.! I have a type just like everyone else.! I want that friendship where me and my friend are 110% honest and real with each other.! Where even our significant others are jealous of us.! 😅😅

I see people with that type of relationship and I wish for that with someone one day.!! Me & my girlfriend just being the best of friends.! The closest there is.! Where I can just sleep over or say I’m outside we are going for a drive.! Where either one of us can call the other about something great and bad & the other will pick up or text the other back RIGHT AWAY.! I see people with those friendships & it’s poignant because I don’t have that right now.! But I am a very tenacious person and it’s feasible that I will find my type soon.!


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