Won’t He Do It.! 😃👏

Wise words of Tamar Braxton.!

So I did a post about Tamar getting fired from “The Real Daytime Talk Show” here. So if you haven’t read it yet there you go.!

This post will be about Tamar getting Fired.! Getting a new talk show.! She went on the Steve Harvey morning show to talk about her being fired from The Real & how she moved on from it.! & While she was crying and upset when she first heard about it her husband was making moves to get her a new gig.! Yes he got Steve Harvey to hook her up with….. HER OWN TALK SHOW.!!!

Now we don’t know nothing about it yet, but when she went on the Steve Harvey morning show she said she got her own talk show with Steve signing her to his production.! She got fired from one talk show just to gain her own.!!! She’s fierce.!! & she knew God was going to do her justice and he has.! We don’t know nothing about this talk show yet.! It could be similar to Just Keke, Keke Palmer’s talk show or even like the real.! But we don’t know yet.! It can also be a radio talk show and not a television talk show. So we shall see what happens. But I wanted to say CONGRATS girl.! You are doing bigger things.!

I am not like alot of people who said they will stop watching the real because she isn’t on it, I will continue watching because first of all I LOVE tamera. & I grew to love them all.! I’m just eagered to see who they put as Tamar’s replacement.!

And for all the people who stopped watching because of Tamar I guess u can start watching again now.!! 🙂


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