C.U.T. Part 1

Okay you guys this blog is going to be a¬†loving one.! It’s about a new show that I really love so far.! It just started 3 weeks ago.! Next week will be episode 4 so if you have not started watching you should definitely¬†try to catch up. What show am I even talking about.??? It’s called Coupled and the host is Terrence J. and it shows on Fox at 9pm on Tuesdays.

So what is Coupled even about.? Well it’s about 12 single successful woman who comes to a Caribbean island called Anguilla to find love. Each week a new man comes on a helicopter then gets a boat lift to the island to meet with Terrence J, who then explains to them how it works. How it works is, the man gets a few minutes with each available woman and if the woman likes the man they go right towards the tiki bar and if they don’t like him they go left back to their bungalows. The men then go and check out the women who went right and he then has to pick two women he liked the most to go to the villa with him. OMG the villa is beautiful.! He then has to spend time with both women and see which one he likes more. By the next day he has to choose which woman he wants to get to know better. The women he picks goes to the “Couples Villa” with him, which is a bigger and better villa, and the one he don’t want goes back to the bungalows.

Now that¬†I explained how it works I am going to back track and talk about these bungalows and how they all communicate with each other.! The women come on the island and are paired up. Each gets a room in the bungalows. Once they come to the island every woman and man gets their own cellphones so they can interact with eachother. You see them texting in the show and also in the “Coupled #NOFILTER After Show” which they put on YouTube after the show. You can watch after show no filter here.

So far there were four paired up.! The first coupled was Lindsey and Alex who are perfect together. The other three are Imari and Dominique, Brian aka BT & Ashley, and last pairing is Lisa and Taylor. So far everyone seems to be having a great time with each other. In the couples villas when you are paired you stay in the same room together.! Ashley & Brian did not though because she is still a virgin and he respected that and told her she can sleep in the room while he sleeps in another room. You also get excursions and other fun activities that the producers gives you to do.

You can switch out if you and your lover aren’t matching, which is what happened with Imari and Dominique. The sad thing about it was that she got to go back to the bungalows, BUT he had to go home because men don’t get a second chance, sadly. So on the last episode he left and she went back to the bungalows. Those two just were not cooperating and were not fitting together. So Dominique called it quits.

Okay this is it for recap part 1.! Hope you liked it and if you did please watch the show so it can get a second season.!! It’s a great tv show.! Also if you liked my recap watch the show¬†so you can see much more that happened that I didn’t explain in this post.

Tune in Next Tuesday for episode 4.¬† Catch up now if you haven’t already.!!! And tune in for another C.U.T. (Coupled Up Tuesday)

coupled bungalows
The bungalows
coupled villa for three
The place all three people go. The villa
coupled villas
When you are a couple you come here to the “Couple Villa”



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