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Hey everyone this blog will be a quick one.! I have a friend name Jerhonda Pace who started this new website called Social Life.! I love it so far.! It is still fairly new and not alot of people have it. I wanted to post about this because I thought people should know why she came up with this idea. So below I ask her a few questions and she answered them honestly. Take a look for yourself on why she created such a website & how it came to be.! A link to the site will be below.!

1. How old are you.?

I’m 23 years old.

2. What made you come up with this idea to make your own website.?

I commented on a public status in 2012. There were people who didn’t agree with my view of things and they bashed me for my comment and bullied me because of my name. I deleted my Facebook page after that, I didn’t like how I was bashed for stating my opinion. I created a new Facebook page in December of 2013 and started being active in early 2014, only to discover how messed up things still were, this time it was worse. Facebook was full of pornography, graphic content, bullying, and shaming. For those reasons I am no longer on Facebook.

3. Was this always a career goal to do this.? To make your own website and be a marketing person.?

This was not my career goal in the beginning. My goal was to create a safe online community for people. I went to school for marketing, so that helps with marketing. I’m very passionate about SocLyfe.

4. Why did you want to make a website emulate facebook and not twitter and not an app similar to instagram or snapchat.?

I like Facebook’s concept, just not how things were playing out. Therefore, I wanted to create a website that was safe, positive, and easy to use for different age groups. In my opinion, Twitter is fast paced, Instagram is mainly focused on posting photos, and Snapchat is more on the complicated side of things.

5. How long have you been thinking of doing a website.?

Four years in June.

6. When was the turning point for you.? When was it that pivotal moment where you said “I want to do a website to make a change”.?

Being bullied was the turning point for me, that also ties in with my pivotal moment.

7. Is making a change the goal you wanted for the website.? Or did it come after you thought of the idea.?

Yes, making a change is definitely my goal.

8. You said people monitor the site 24/7. How.? Do you have people who are night shift workers and then morning shift workers.?

The site is monitored by myself, my Co-Founders, and my day/night shift contributors.

9. Why is this site so important for and to you.?

It’s extremely important for people to have a safe online social networking community where they don’t feel like they’ll be bashed for stating their opinion, shamed for their size, or bullied for any reason. I have to be the change that I wish to see in the world.

10. What do you hope to accomplish with this website.?

I hope to accomplish my goals and get people to enjoy being social again.

11. Is the site still being fixed or can people finally register.?

People can register right now,

12. Since you are the brains behind this, I have to ask what is your profile username so people can add you.?

It was my idea, but it wouldn’t have been possible without my Co-Founders. Joseph Pace Jr. and Crystal Buchanan. Our names on SocLyfe are JerhondaPace,  PBJ_Joey,  and CristelaWoods

13. Is there an app for this website.?

There isn’t an app for SocLyfe right now, however there will be an app very soon.


As you can see this website is very passionate for her and I hope you help her out on achieving her goals and help make Social Life a popular and safe place for people.! If you have anymore questions this is her Twitter account and you can messege her and follow her there and of course on social life

P.S. cyber bullying is not okay which is why she wanted to do this website. Check out my other post on WHY CYBER BULLY.?

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