I had to immediately post about this. This post will be quick, but after I saw Bella Thorne celebrating her 1 year anniversary with her boyfriend Gregg Sulkin on snapchat I had to talk about something.

So first thing first the girl just turned 18 sometime late last year YES. & YES he is 23 years old.! So YES they were together before she turned 18 years old.!! BUT HONESTLY WHO GIVE A DAMN.???? Not them or their families or friends so why should you guys care.??? They are obviously happy together leave them be.!

Next thing I was looking at comments that people commented under the post of her snaps someone reposted on their site.! And GOD the comments were so damn AWFUL.!!! People were saying how she is such a baby because of the baby voice she does. And how he got with such an ugly little girl and all these disrespectful comments.! Then a few people said wows they made 1 year why is that an accomplishment.? AND I WAS SO DAMN SHOCKED BY THOSE COMMENTS.!!! Like anniversaries are important whether they are a year two years, 6 months whatever THAT couple wants to celebrate they very well can and will because it’s their relationship not yours.!

My thought is are we broken.? Cyber bullying is not OKAY.! And people thinking that they can just do it at any time and to anyone is a sickness. We are trying to end bullying especially cyber bullying.! This is why celebrities don’t pay attention to comments because they will never be happy.! People are just so damn apathetic to others. Showing me and everyone else how tenuous they probably are in their everyday lives that they need to bully others. People like that are obscene and a disgrace.

These cyber bullies are insidious and complicit, with these should be obsolete cravings they get by bullying others. Lets make a change people because it is feasible to be friendly with each other. We need to have our future children in an auspicious future because they can’t follow this pensive hate people have for others.


If you want a place where bullying does not exist sign up for Social Life. A place where bullying is NOT ALLOWED & you can talk about anything and share your opinion about anything.! It’s the new facebook BUT so much better.!!


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