THEY TRIED IT.!! Like Tamar Braxton Says

I had to write about what is going on with the drama and rumors.! I mean I am a blogger and I have to stay up to date with everything that is happening.! And there is sooooooo much TEA honey(Words of Tamar.!)

Okay so how many people watch “The Real Talkshow” with Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry, Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, and Jeanine Mai.? Or at least heard of it.? If you have great ,if you don’t watch it you need to it’s awesome.! It’s about 5 different grown woman who has girl talks in the beginning of the show and talk about anything and everything. They have games on their show to help audience members win money, they have guest on the show, they talk about everything.! They help out people who are making a difference in the world and gives them a check to keep on doing what they do.! They are amazing and I LOVE THEIR SHOW.!! This is currently their second season and it’s almost done. I believe this week is their last week.! They film usually a week earlier so they can stay up to date with everything.! They also got early renewal for season 3 and 4 last year.

Now with the description of the show out the way, let’s get down to business.!! Tamar is no longer on the talkshow.! She posted a cryptic Instagram and facebook post. They were the same post, but they were lengthy. Basically she said a “friend” betrayed her and she will not give the name of who, BUT it will come out soon.! And for us to know it wasn’t her husband or her family.! Then a statement came out from a “source” stating that she got fired from “The Real”. So people started speculating on what happened. Immedietly people thought Loni Love, Jeanine Mai, and Adrienne Bailon did something because she unfollowed them from twitter and Instagram.! Although, Adrienne Bailon is still on her list of people she is following on Instagram. So people are recieving mixed signals about that. People are sure it was Loni who did something because Loni made her Instagram page private.

Honestly I have no idea whose fault it was, but I do know that “The Real” producers put out a statement saying it was a joint decision and she wanted to focus on her solo career, BUT since Tamar posted that cryptic tweet about someone backstabbing her and now she is taking a break from social media I highly doubt it was a “JOINT” decision. So most likely they don’t want to talk about who got her fired and what happened.! I don’t know who it could be. Honestly we dont know what happened.! But I’m very positive that it will come out about what happened and everything soon enough.! There are people saying Tamar bought the REAL in “The Real” and the show would be boring without her so alot of people are boycotting the show and won’t be watching it.! And honestly I have to agree.!! Her loudness, weirdness, craziness made it soooo much fun to watch.! Her and Tamera I love and watch because of them.! It’s NEVER the same when they were absent.!

I guess the questions now are. . . . . 1. Who got her fired.? 2. Was it Loni Love or another coworker or even a crew member.? 3. When will the whole story come out.? 4. Are they going to address Tamar not being back next season I mean they have to right.??? 5.  Will they replace her to keep it at 5 or will they keep it at 4.? So many questions that we may or may not find the answers to. But until then im going to enjoy Tamar on the show.!

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