Driving around

When I came to an end

Closed eyes, while voices spoke

Can you hear me.?

Yes I can, is what I croaked


Fighting to hold on

To hold on to everything that’s there

I’m standing around watching, bare

Everything started going black and they started to disappear


One last chance to fight

To reach out and grab that voice

I try with all my might

But I can’t because I’m stuck

Stuck in between life or death


Can’t breathe, gasping for the little air that is there

Being dragged somewhere, to the unknown

But then I feel something across my face

Something wet

It’s falling on me at a certain pace


Open your eyes, you can do it

Fighting to grab onto that voice again

Knowing if I don’t I might not come back

Reaching, reaching, reaching and then finally

I’m here, I am back

Can you hear me.?


The thing is still falling

What could that be.?

It’s rain dripping on my face

Making me open my eyes as I try to figure out this place


I try to tell them what happened

About my experience, but when I open my mouth

Nothing comes out

I just stare at the men


What happened to me.?

You’ve been in an accident, they say

Rolling me into the hospital on a gurney

It all starts coming back to me

But what happened in between

Will always be the mystery




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