MCM #4

OMG Nathaniel Buzolic is THE australian hottie.!!! He is 32 turning 33 in August and is single.!!! Life is getting jucier lmao.!! He was in The Vampire Diaries and now is in the spinoff, The Originals.! LOVE him and his character.! He plays Kol on The Originals. I believe he is the youngest original vampire.!! Honestly I am team #KOLVINA. Shit if I was Davina I would want him to be my man too.!! He can bite me anyday 😉 Making him sexier is the fact that he has an accent, but sadly he doesn’t use it in the show.! But if you have his snapchat “natesnapbuzz” you can hear his accent and the other australian’s accents. Like Phoebe Tonkin who plays Hayley and Daniel Gilles who plays Elijah and then you have his other co workers who are English actors.!! I wish they can play their actual voices because God they’re beautiful and so sexual and VERY SENSUAL too.!!! 😉

This man also has a split personality that he takes very seriously and if you have his snapchat you know who I am referring to, Trev.!! I LOVEEEEEEEEE TREV I find him better than Nathaniel Sorry Nat.!! But in all seriousness Nat is just such a down to earth man and you can see that in his snaps that he is just living single life fun free and happy. And GOD to one day grab his attention and have him be my boyfriend will always be a dream that will never come true, but it’s not bad to have fantasies. 😉

Nat you are my MCM thank you for being sexy, sweet, down to earth and just a dream man women wish for… I know I do.


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