My Hair Is My Signature

Okay ladies this post is for you. Why do we have our hair be our signature.? Why is our hair making us more confident.? What is it about our hair that makes us skeptical to cut it off, make it longer, or just color it.? Why are we VERY PRECISE when it comes to changing our hairstyles.? Why does our hair define us.? I believe the answer is different for everyone, BUT the moral is the same. Our hair makes us feel different and more confident with what we are trying to achieve. Whether it is for a bad girl movie role or to look sexier by adding length or highlights. I believe the moral is the same overall. Here are different women who changed their hair for different reasons.!

  1. Miley Cyrus –  This girl had all the changes. She had long hair when she was younger. Through her “bad ass” image phase (to sway away from Disney) she had the short haircut. She had dreads, Then an even shorter cut by making it similar to Ruby Rose. Why.? Just because she wanted to be known as a mature person. She wanted to be known for her age and just get away from the “Disney Image”. Recently she used a at-home hair dye kit to make her hair platinum blonde, which she later took to IG(Instagram) saying she REGRETS it.! She said she only did it to rebel because she was bored.! You can see her lengthy post on her Instagram. miley
  2. Zendaya – This young woman is known for her hair changes. She had a hair mullet, curly weave, short weave, bobs, and one she was criticized for… dreads. She said she switches her hair because she can, but most importantly because she is mixed and she LOVES trying new things. She feels more radiant and like a new person when she tries different hairstyles. And she will not apologize for being herself and getting into her roots, nor should she.87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


  3. Taylor Swift – She’s one of the biggest celebrities out there. She switched up from her golden blonde to white blond. It’s something new she wanted to do. She debuted the hairstyle at Coachella. She loves it and so does a lot of her fans. She just finished her famous world tour “1989” and said she is taking a break for a while so why not change-up your hair too, right.? She looks FABULOUS.! Taylor
  4. Vanessa Hudgens– She switches up her hair all the time. From lengthy in the summer with some highlights, to short for the fall and winter. But her most drastic hair change was when she cut it all off (mostly) for a movie role called Gimme Shelter in 2013. She NEVER had such short hair and was not sure what to do with it.! She said she had difficulty even doing her makeup to fit her new hair personality. But she never regretted cutting her hair for this role. It was important that she got into character fully and not wear a wig so at the end of the day she was proud of what she did. Something she never thought she would do. She soon learned how to play with her hair until it grew back out and she played with her makeup too.!! She had a new personality she never knew was there.!! vanessa
  5. Gina Rodriguez – The Jane the Virgin main character and the Golden Globes winner did a drastic cut.! Her hair looks similar to Ruby’s. She shaved off her hair and donated what she cut off. She is transforming for a new movie role she just started filming called Annihilation. She said she didn’t want to just wear a wig she wanted to get deep into this role. And even though she was nervous because she always had nice, long, luxurious hair, (as people told her), she was excited to do something different and to get into this role as a badass.!! I don’t know about you guys but I can’t wait to see her in this movie.gina
  6. Last but certainly not least me. I was always scared to go too short with my hair. But after a while I said IDGAF.!! I FINALLY shaved my hair off.! I never went this low and I even had doubts while my hair stylist was shaving it off saying should I tell her not to shave it.? But then I realized I need to step outside of my comfort zone and be brave and just experience life in a new way.!! I LOVE MY SHAVE HEAD. The cold breeze on my head, and I can wash my hair everyday without waiting forever for it to dry since I am natural. I don’t need to be bothered with all the things that went with having hair. I am free and feel sexier as well. I feel more confident in myself and honestly I love that I can dress this hairstyle up anyway I can. Good girl, bad ass, sexy, laid back just by focusing on my clothing. Knowing that I have less work to do now makes things easier and more fun and enjoyable. IM IN LOVE.!! Will I let it grow out I HAVE NO IDEA, but for now this is my favorite style I EVER HAD.!!!me.jpg


Moral of the story is don’t be like Miley and just do ANYTHING with your hair because you are bored, but change up your hair if you can. If you are going to do ANYTHING with your hair be prepared to be with that for a while and make sure you are sure.!! Because your hair is your signature. Believe it or not a lot of people are judged by their hair. Your hair is a first impression for people.! 🙂


Meghan Trainor said in her new song “Women Up” from her new album Thank You, “When you wear your hair down, It’s like you’re wearing your crown, Wave to the crowd, And give them all a wink cause you’re fine.”


P.S. you can look at more hairstyles by visiting this link

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  1. I’m going to disagree slightly with your Miley comment. I think you CAN do things out of boredom and trial – why not? And as ‘thingy’ said “I am not my hair.’ I am DREADFUL with names sorry! – You know the one…with the guitar. But good for you with the number 1. Been there and enjoyed it immensely. 🙂

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