A Lyon Can’t Roar If He Falls

OHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY GOD.!!!!!!!!!! This is about empire’s penultimate episode this past Thursday so if you did not see if DO NOT READ THIS POST.!!!!!!



When they do the whole A LYON WILL FALL thing I assume that a Lyon will die.! So I was thinking of everyone, but the person that actually got shot which was the twist.!!! My baby Jamal got caught in the crossfire.! I WAS LIKE NOOOOOOO NOT MY BABYYYYYYYY.!!!! He’s the best Lyon son there EVER was.!! Jamal the gay handsome son.! He’s such a powerful artist.! And for them to have him get shot was something I was not predicting & for it to be Freda.!!!! LORD what is happening right now.!!!! 😦

Cookie’s sister came to the ASA (American Sound Awards) drunk. It caused her to tell Freda that Lucious is only being nice to her because of what he did to her daddy.! Like a drama show it does flashbacks to all the important moments for her to remember the moments she had with Lucious. She puts it together realizing it was Lucious who got her father killed. She ran across the room grabbed a security guard’s gun and went to shoot Lucious, but Jamal ran towards her to try and stop her causing her to shoot him instead of his dad.

I know he will be okay because of the synopsis for next week’s finale, but it was still hard to watch.!!! But also Jussie Smollett the man who plays Jamal posted a very cryptic tweet that same night which you can read here. But he is still very much under contract. So that could have been a tweet to amp people to watch the season finale next week. & this past episode more viewers watched.!

P.S. Jussie Smollett is a very handsome man I believe any man he is with IRL and marries he would look perfect with.!!! 🙂



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