The World Was Meant To Be Traveled

Are there places you wish you can go.? Different states, different countries, or even out of your town.? Where does your passion-express lead you.? What are your passions, your dreams.? There are so many places I wish I can pick up and go to.!

My Passion-express:

  1. Mexico – Cabo or Cancun or even both. ALWAYS wanted to go and it’s definitely on my bucket list.

    2. California – San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Napa, Palm Springs, basically anywhere in Cali lols.!! And to also visit Disneyland cali

    3. Las Vegas – Dont know much about the places there, but want to explore there soon.!! las vegas.jpg

4. Hawaii – I want to visit ALL the ISLANDS.!!!!!! hawaii.jpg

5. New Orleans – When you watch “The Originals” why would you not want to visit Bourbon Street.? Bourbon-street.jpg

6. Texas – There was nothing there specifically, but I want to explore a beautiful place. If it’s there you might as well right.?texas-metroplex.jpg

7. Paris – WHO would not want to visit the most beautiful place. City of LOVE.!!! paris-tour-eiffel-at-night.jpg

8. Rome –  Another place I would pack up and get on a plane for in a second if I could.! The magic I can do here. It’s too beautiful on screen, imagine in person.! rome

9. Africa – Have you seen pictures of the animals there and the beauty that is there OMG If you dont want to go there you need to rethink that. Egypt I can’t wait to visit you soon.

10. Greece – Would love to go to Athens greece-01.jpg

11. Costa Rica – When I learn how to swim this is my go to place 🙂 LOLcosta rica.jpg



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