A Minute = Months, Weeks, Years.?

Who is guilty of saying “in a minute“.? I know I am. I say that all the time. For a song especially. Now if you don’t know what I mean here is an example. EX- A song plays on Pandora that I haven’t heard in a very long time, so I will say, “OMG I haven’t heard this song in a minute.”. Or with a person. EX- “Hey.! Wow it feels like I havent seen you in a minute.!”

Now the question is what is really “A MINUTE“.? Because it’s obviously not A MINUTE.!! We tend to say in a minute for something that we haven’t heard or someone we haven’t seen in weeks, or even months and very rarely even years. But why do we say in a minute.? Honestly I have no idea why I say that. I got so used to saying it that I’m obscure about where I got it from and sometimes I don’t realize I am saying it.!

It’s gotten so bad that I had to write a post about it lols.! Do you use IN A MINUTE.? And if you do what does it stand for you.? Weeks, months, days, hours, Years maybe.? Let me know below. And how did you start using the infamous “slang” IN A MINUTE.?

Moral of the story – Maybe we should stop misnoming words we don’t know how originated 😉


3 thoughts on “A Minute = Months, Weeks, Years.?

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  1. I first heard that in NY for the first time. Surprisingly I never picked it up as a habit, so not guilty your honour. Although I use the one Jemima uses where something might be done ‘in a minute.’

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  2. Well I don’t know about other people but I use “a minute” to understand and thereby emphasise passages of time.
    Friend: Wow! We haven’t spoken in so long. What is it, like three weeks?
    Me: Yeah, it’s been a minute.
    Friend: Are you on your way?
    Me: *in bed, not making any effort to get up* Yeah, I’ll be a minute

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