PT= Piercing & Tattoo

Do you have any piercings or tattoos.? Most of us probably already have our ears pierced from when we were babies. But did you get more piercings.? Like by your eyebrows, belly button, lip, tongue, nose, or even another ear part. Some people even get their vagina pierced. OUCH.!!! 

What about tattoos.? When people get tattoos that is more sacred because it’s more meaningful to us than the piercings. Why.? Well because for 1. it just last longer. You can’t take it out like you can with an earring, and 2. it’s more painful.! It’s not just a quick poke. They have to write, design, color whatever you are getting onto your body which just takes more time. Also 3. if you want to take it off it cost ALOT and plus hurts even more to remove it.!

For me I am very tentative about getting a tattoo. I would like to have one because I have a lot of meaningful tattoos in mind, BUT the pain… (YES I KNOW TATTOOS HURT.! I DONT BELIEVE THAT… NO IT DON’T HURT CRAP PEOPLE SAY TO OTHERS. IT MAY NOT HURT AS MUCH TO YOU, BUT TO OTHERS IT CAN PAIN LIKE A BITCH.!!!!) For me getting a tattoo will be my pivotal for pain.! I feel like if I can sit through getting a tattoo and all that pain then I can take pain easier.!! *HOPEFULLY*

What about you guys are you into piercings and tattoos.? And if you are which tattoo do you have and piercings.?

P.S. if you are unsure about getting a tattoo since they last forever and it’s more meaningful you can visit this link ———> Haute Mess Ashley Tisdale’s website.! 🙂 Have a great day everyone.!!!!


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  1. The pain depends largely on where you choose to have it. I had one on my shoulder and I felt nothing. I have never regretted it because I didn’t just put nonsense on my body.

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  2. I have 5 tattoos that I got from the age of 18 to 21. I only have one that I slightly regret and plan on getting part of it covered up. The others I’m completely happy with and couldn’t imagine not having. I have my next one planned too. I know that people think tattoos hurt sooo bad but, it just depends on where you are getting it if it actually hurts bad enough to think about it. For most of my tattoos I sat there and chatted with the artist or the friend I brought along. The only one that hurt was the one on my back and that’s because it goes a long my spine. The first one I had I remember thinking what this is it?

    I also have plugs or gauges as most people call them.Right now I am at a size 0 and debating going up one more size. I probably won’t though because I’m a teacher and it isn’t very appropriate for a lot of situations. Luckily I have ones that look like regular earrings and my hair is long enough to cover them.

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