Credit Card Me or Not.?

So I am at that age where people start getting credit cards. I am 21 turning 22 this year and a lot of people my age are in college and because of that some people immediately get a credit card as an “adult” thing to do.! Some people get it thinking you need a credit card to build credit…….. *HINT: YOU DON’T.* You just start putting things in your name and build credit that way. A cellphone bill, car insurance, etc…..

I feel until I have a stable job, a credit card is not something I should have and plus I don’t need one right now.! I asked a friend of mine if she has one and she said she does. She is 23 years old and she has a secured credit card. Since I don’t know much about credit cards I had to ask her what that even meant. So apparently a secured credit card means when you put a certain amount on the card and you can ONLY spend that amount and nothing more. So basically you can not just spend, spend, spend, like a regular credit card is and be in debt.! Which is a very smart idea for young people especially people in college and just getting into the adult hood and the real world.!

I am one of those people who NEVER wanted to grow up lols, but has to. And I am slowly learning things I need to learn and honestly there is something new EVERYDAY.!! You learn more and more each and every day and minute because as long as we are alive there is always something to learn.


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