Which does your ear prefer.?

Okay so I am a huge earphones person or even a headphones girl.! I HATE in-ear. First of those things never stay in my damn ear. They are always falling out.!!! I guess it’s because I have big ears lols. Either way it’s not for me.!!

Headphones I love those. I would use those if I didn’t have my simple earphones though. I feel earphones are better because if someone needs to talk to me or if I have to listen to someone I can easily take one earphone out and leave one in. Also I can wear it with my glasses unlike headphones which hurts my ears when I wear my glasses. I would use headphones if I am running because those would stay on unlike earphone, but other than that I am good with my earphones.!

If you was to ask my little sister which she prefers though it will not be earphones. She LOVES in-ear.! She will use those over anything else. I remember asking her how can you even have those in your ear, like how does it stay in.? She said it just does, that those work for her. Funny thing is earphones don’t work for her. I guess her ears aren’t big enough for them.!! 🙂

How about you guys which does your ear prefer.?

And do yours have a sense of style to it.? Is it a certain color or look, like beats headphones.! Do you care about the fashion look of headphones, in-ear, or earphones.? Or do you just pick up anything.?

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