Natural “CanTu”

Hey everyone this post is for all my naturals out there. Long, midsize, or short hair is all the same when you’re natural. I LOVE natural hair products. The one that I use is Cantu Shea Butter(Not to be confused with Shea butter) I LOVE how it smells. Most importantly I love how it makes my hair all curly. I don’t know about you guys, BUT I love NATURAL curly hair.! Those curls that automatically form when you get out the shower and when you put natural hair products into your hair.!

The Cantu items that I use are…

  1. Sulfate free cleansing cream shampoo. This does not have sulfate, silicons, parabens or mineral oils. Removes the buildup that forms in your hair as well. I love that because my hair sometimes be backed up with hair products from a few days ago.!
  2. Complete Conditioning Co-wash- I still use it with shampoo though. (I use this every other week. If I am not using this i’m using another conditioner.)
  3.  Sulfate free Hydrating cream conditioner– This helps your hair retain natural oils. Made with 100% pure shea butter. And it’s safe for natural and colored hair.
  4. Leave In Conditioning repair cream– Once I am done with washing my hair I put the hair moisture in. And this leaves my hair feeling very soft. Helps with damaged, dry or coarse hair.
  5. Coconut curling cream– This defines and moisturizes dry and damaged hair. I dont use this one much because I use another curling cream. But if I want my curls to pop ALOT more than they do I will use this.
  6. Moisturizing curl activator cream– My favorite. I always get this when I go to a drug store for my hair products. Helps my curls free itself and it is frizz free which I really love.!
  7. Cantu Sheen– Last but not least, you can put this in your hair if you just want a shine, if you need a heat protective spray or if you want to protect your damage hair as well.! 

The thing about Cantu is that it takes a while for it to mesh into your hair.! So if you are going out make sure you put these in at least 30 minutes before you leave so the white won’t still be showing in your hair.!

I use this every week when I wash my hair. I love it and get it all the time.! What hair products do you guys use.? Leave it below so I can check it out.! 🙂

Moral of the story- Natural “Cantu” rock any style… 😉



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