Hobbies Turned Into A Business

Hey everyone this post will be short, but I wanted to introduce you guys to my aunt’s business… Nikki Croshay business. She loves croshaying EVERYTHING.!! She is really good and no I’m not just saying that because she is family.

We ALL love to shop women and men… Yes men, we know you like shopping even though you guys like to deny it.! 🙂 But why not shop for handmade things that you can keep longer and also worship more.! Handmade things are more valuable because it’s from scratch and it takes FOREVER to put ideas of how you want to make it and the stitching process and design process. Bless people who can hand make things.!

My aunt croshays hats, cowls, dress, bags, infinity scarfs, summer beach wear, boots, phone cases, anything you want she can do it for you. So why not have something handmade with passion and ALSO look fashionable in it.!! My aunt is very fast with her croshaying as well. She has orders left and right and she still had time to make my purple bed covers. I LOVE it; I sleep with it every night.! Trust me you don’t want to miss the opportunity of wearing custom made things for a GREAT price and say I got this custom made just for me and knowing noone else has it.! I sure love that feeling.!!

Here are a few pictures of what she has done. Remember she can make other things and in different colors.! So just email or call her and let her know what exactly you want done and she will get it DONE.!! Yes she is that good.!! 🙂

Her hobbies turned into a business and she loves it.! So never be afraid that you can’t do a hobby for a living.! A dream is a dream so soar high and reach for the stars and moon and beyond.!

For FB & website information please keep scrolling 🙂 Have a great day everyone.!

My purple and white blanket


The other side of the blanket purple and white. 2 sided


Scarf pull the strings if you want it tighter
elsa anna
An elsa dress and hat she made for her daughter’s party

nikki croshays bus.

slipper boots croshays
boots she made for her daughter
beach bag
beach hat croshays
beach hat


katniss croshay
katniss inspired
pink awareness croshays
cancer awareness

minion phonecaseminion phonecase


Facebook Nikki Croshays

Website- Nikki Croshays


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