From Dating to Kids…?

What exactly is dating.? When we are in a relationship we tend to say yes we are dating someone, but you are NOT dating them, you are in a relationship with them. Someone said they are dating someone and I said are you dating or in a relationship.? She goes what is the difference.?! So here it is folks the difference.! DATING– If you are dating someone then you are probably dating multiple people to see which fits your “type”. Dating means you talk to different guys and go on dates and see which guy catches your eyes more and you basically just narrow it down to one person who you hope to be in a relationship with.! RELATIONSHIP– If you are in a relationship that means you are committed to that ONE person.!! You go on dates with that one person and you are now OFFICIALLY boyfriend and girlfriend or girlfriend and girlfriend, boyfriend and boyfriend.! So now you are in a relationship and you are known as a couple.!!! 

Now that we have established the difference what happens next.? Well you go from dating to being in a relationship to hopefully marriage and then children if that’s what you want.! But is there a time frame.? YES NO.!! The time frame is up to you.! Some people get married after being in a relationship with someone for under a year.! Some people get married after years of being with someone. It’s your own preference.! There are some people who gets married quickly because maybe they known the person for a very long time. Or sometimes it’s just their choice whether they known them for a long time or not.! For everyone it’s different and it’s up to that couple. There are some people who wait 6-10 years, again it’s your preference. If you want to get married a week after being in a relationship then go ahead.! 

Next is the topic of children. Do you have children immediately after you get married or do you wait a few years.? This is the part that people wait on the most because with marriage you can always get a divorce and move on with your life, BUT if you have a child it is stuck with you everywhere you go no matter what.! Some people on the other hand want children right away and don’t wait. They even get married so they can do it the “right” way and have children after they are married. Do what you feel is right for your relationship and for you and don’t let others try and persuade you otherwise because it’s not their life, but you and your partners.!

What ever you do make sure you really think about the consequence/s and think ahead. SOOOOOO many people rush marriages because they want their CINDERELLA wedding and forget that after you spend all that money on that ONE night you are in an actual marriage and it gets HARD.!!! It’s not easy.! There are so many divorces happening. Divorce rate is very high because people rush into things they don’t understand or really want.! You are not living the disney life.! (Disney is actually a hard company to run too. So think about that)

Marriage is different from a wedding.!! When you have a wedding it’s for ONE day. You get dressed up, spend TONS AND TONS of money on it and invite hundreds of people, serve cocktails, drinks, food, everything and then guess what.? People go home back to their lives and you go on your honeymoon. But what happens after the “HONEYMOON PHASE”? Marriage- you are not in it for ONE day and then that’s it. You are in it for the “REST OF YOUR LIFE.” I put that in quotation marks because that is how marriages are supposed to be, but not all marriages are like that. Sometimes you do have to get married a few times before you keep those vows, but it’s hard work. So make sure you are definitely ready for marriage.

From dating to kids is a statement you need to make sure you process and make sure you want.!! Don’t rush anything just to say you have it or just because you are afraid your “clock” is running out.! Take your time and enjoy each step.! Enjoy dating and being in a relationship. Enjoy being married to your husband or wife and then enjoy having children. Each step is precious and should be real life.!!





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