This is my Revival (WCW)

“I dived into the future, but im blinded by the sun. Im reborn in every moment so who knows what i’ll become.” Selena Gomez intro into her song revival.!! Song is soo powerful.!!! Shows her finally letting go of all the things that hold her back. She is becoming a woman in this song and she is not letting NO ONE or NOTHING hold her back from being and doing her.! I love her revival album. I downloaded her entire album and the extra songs that didn’t make it onto the album, which is the revival deluxe.!!

I am hoping to go to her REVIVAL WORLD TOUR on June 1st.!! Some people i know go… “Oh u still listen to that disney girl.?” First of, she was in disney at a young age and it’s people like them that makes it hard for her to even branch out. 2nd of all she is not A GIRL SHE IS A WOMAN.!!!! 3rd of all that “GIRL” is making her money and is making more than YOU.!! So don’t act like she is nothing. She’s doing big, making her money and is very successful.! SO YES I WANT TO GO TO THIS WOMAN’S CONCERT AND YES I STILL LISTEN TO HER AND WILL CONTINUE TO LISTEN TO HER.!!!! 😀

Selena will be starting her world tour May 6th in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. She has been hard at work focusing on her tour. She’s been posting videos, pictures, her fittings, merchandise, temporary tats, everything possible. And this girl still has time to write her new album, which she said will be out soon as least the new single, & she is executive producing THREE new shows with her mother who executive produces other television shows. She is set to executive produce a scripted drama inspired by her own life experiences for Lifetime, which also is executive produced by Trigger Street’s Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti. The project is among the highest-profile entries on the network’s development slate. Gomez has been ramping up her portfolio as a producer. She and Teefey also are executive producing Netflix’s upcoming series 13 Reasons Why, which has set Tom McCarthy to direct the first two episodes, as well as a Latina Empire drama in development at Freeform. You can get more information  at this web address. (I copy and pasted that information from that site)

I am hoping, praying, wishing upon my fairy godmother 🙂 that I go to her concert and buy all her merchandise lol.!!

Selena is also my #WCW for today as well. Just like always. You can check out my other  WCW post

Here are some behind the scenes of her revival tour. LMK in the comments if you listen to her and if you are going to her concert.!!

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