I know we all been through this at least once or twice or even more times in our lives.! You guys know what i’m talking about….. when it’s time to say Goodbye. When do you say goodbye to a toxic relationship and person.? Whether it’s a friendship or boy friend and girl friend relationship, when do you know it’s time to walk away and say goodbye.?

I said goodbye to so many relationships. Dating wise, relationship wise (dating and being in a relationship are different things. You can see the explanation Here), and friendship wise because it’s too toxic and not worth the stress, sadness, or even the manipulation that I get. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone or better yet letting them inside of your house or any personal space that u have then they are not meant to be in your life and it’s time to let them go.

It’s funny when your mother can figure out when people are using you and not good for you. Trust your mothers or any relative that tells you that those people are no good for you. When we’re young we are tenacious to prove them wrong. That they are seeing what they want to see, BUT no they are seeing things we don’t want to see. We sure do know how to concede to the wise words though. There are so many people that I don’t even tolerate to talk to anymore because it’s too unhealthy for me to even muster up words to try and pretend that I want to talk to that person.! So I just slowly push away from people.!

If I can’t hit you up in my times of need OR if you can’t bother to text me to see how im doing in my time of need, especially after I told you something that is bothering me then we are obviously not on the same page. That just means that you don’t care and I shouldn’t either. You ever heard that saying, “Some people are for a season and others are just there for a specific reason.?” Yea that’s how I used to feel. Now with the POSITIVE, CARING, SUPPORTIVE people in my life I made a new quote up…, “There are some people in your life who brings positivity to help you draw out the people that bring the negativity.”

My mother is my catalyst who helped me grow up into this positive, outspoken, strong woman I am now. It didn’t happen succinctly, but I did eventually absolve MYSELF.!!! And I told myself I AM ENOUGH, I AM STRONG & I dont need other’s approval or negativity to tell me otherwise.!! I guess you can say I revived and this is my goodbye letter, but most importantly this is my Survival note…


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