Iphone VS Android

Yes Iphone vs Android; two of the biggest phones out there. I have an android galaxy S5. & i want to get the galaxy S7/S7 edge, BUT i do want to try and get the iphone again just because i haven’t had one in YEARS.!!! But the #1 thing that is knocking me down from getting the iphone 6S plus is the MUSIC.!!!! 

With my galaxy i can download an app and get music on my phone quickly and easily. No streaming on sites or apps, and i can use it offline without using data. That is the NUMBER ONE thing for me that i need with a phone. My music is very important to me.! & honestly even though android gets things later than iphones we still have the same things. & it’s better because i get my music easier.!!

Iphones i sure do miss it. I miss getting things so quickly. Like app updates. Snapchat, IG all the goods lols. I DONT KNOW if it’s because im impatient with things at times or what, but if i can get things quick by having the iphone then i’ll take it.! If things came to the galaxy as quickly then it will be a no brainer for me and i would have to side with galaxy. Because the S7 is very SEXY.!!! OMFG My heart dropped. The thing is the most beautiful phone i have ever seen.! It was so beautiful that i read 6 pages about all the things that makes the phone function well and the camera lenses and what the people did to make it better and alot of technical things because it looked AMAZING.!!!!

I do have to admit though that the S7 edge i am skeptical about getting because apparently the phone screen is glass and people said if you drop it without a screen protector on, the screen and sometimes the phone cracks. So no matter how much feet you drop it, if you do get the edge it will crack without protection.! So that is the only down side about the edge. But i know people who have it and have cases and LOVE it. They even switched from iphone for it.!

But if the iphone does have a way to put music on as easy as android does then i will definitely get it.! Hopefully i can get enough storage. With android i have an SD card, which also is another plus.!!

My sister shall be receiving her iphone 6s plus in june though so i will test run it with hers.! 😉

Android VS Iphone feud will never end, but they are both great so why fight.?? I am #teamneutral

What about you guys.? Which team are you.? And are you sticking with it or are you switching too.??

P.S. have u heard that they are removing the ear jack for iphone 7.!?!? Which is why i will not be getting that.!!!



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