Fell in Love, BUT not with a person

Hey everyone.! I am doing a collaboration with a friend of mine.! She just did a cruise and said she would love to talk about it and show pictures to people.! So this is what this post is about.! Hope you guys enjoy.! 🙂

There’s nothing like a vacation to clear your mind. There’s also nothing like going to a completely new place and doing things you’ve never done before to give you a new perspective. This past week I had the most amazing opportunity to be on a cruise ship with some of the most fun people I have ever met. I’ve always been somewhat quiet and introverted. I like to listen to what people have to say rather than be the one speaking all the time. But being on a ship with a bunch of fun-loving crazies brings out the party in everyone. I found myself dancing all around the beautiful (and huge) ship to whatever song they had blaring on the loud speakers. I was at the night club that’s on board, standing in a circle with my family screaming lyrics to rap songs that I didn’t even know I knew all the words to. On formal night, I got up and danced with my waiter in the dining room.  But one thing I found on this vacation is that no matter how much fun I had on board, how much unlimited pizza or ice cream I ate from the 24 hour food bars, or how close I got with my Dad’s girlfriend’s family, the best parts of my vacations seemed to happen when we docked and got off the ship at different islands. I had the privilege of visiting 4 amazing and beautiful islands in one trip. I visited St. Thomas/ Tortola where I got to swim with the dolphins, San Juan Puerto Rico where I took a tour and learned all of their history, Half moon Cay in the Bahamas (which by the way has the most crystal clear blue water I have ever seen), and the Turks & Caicos. It was eye opening to see so much culture, and to realize that although I am so blessed to have grown up in America, land of freedom and opportunity and flowing with quality material possessions, the world outside of the states is such a beautiful place. When I went to Grand Turk/ Turks & Caicos, I got to see the parts that many people don’t know exist. The poor parts. Yet somehow, our tour guide and the people of the village had so much pride and love for their “little island” and encouraged us to take any seashells from the beach or anything we wanted as a keep sake. So in other words, these people did not have a lot but were more than willing, proud even, to give us things to bring back with us. When I went to San Juan, I visited a capital building with cement pillars and statues around the entire perimeter of the building that tells the entire story of San Juan, Puerto Rico. There is struggle, pain, pride, love, joy, and loyalty, in the eyes of every person in every one of these countries and Islands. I felt overwhelmingly blessed to get to see that the world is not as big as it seems, and although there may be language barriers and borders to cross, we are all still people with the same emotions and pride for where we come from. It was incredible, an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything anywhere. We had 70-80 degree sunny weather every day, yet another blessing. I spent an entire week on beaches with pure white sand and the bluest water I’ve ever seen. I even got to pet donkeys, and had a guy from Grand Turk ride up to me on a horse and let me pet it! All in all, this vacation was the coolest one I have experienced. It showed me the beauty in the world and how amazing other places are. It was relaxing to spend a week on different beaches, and so much fun to meet new people and have a blast on a huge ship. Cruises are expensive, but they will provide you with experiences that you cannot get anywhere else. This trip was truly once in a life time.


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