USF Tampa

This will be a short post. I feel nostalgic about my school & i only been there for a semester.! It was absolutely beautiful. Going outside for lunch or to just lay down like i was at the park. It felt like home and it eventually became home. I broke free and just had a blast. I went out with friends i can actually say are lifelong friends and can’t wait to meet more.

Classes were great too. Didn’t have much complaints once i settled in and got situated and used to everything. The friends i made, professors were great (Except one), and the school was beautiful all around. The school is HUGE.!!!! And there are always things to do on campus. Another plus is that because the school is so big it has it’s own bus system called the bull runner. Yes BULL RUNNER because our mascot is the bull 🙂 & we get on the university bus system for free too. So not too bad if you don’t have a car.

Overall i had the best times there. More fun there and more roadtrips with my friends than i ever did here in NY for 21 years of life. But like they said if you want something lasting and long and real sometimes you need to step out your comfort zone and find another place that will give you all of it.!! I think that is what they say….. That’s what i say anyways 🙂


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