Spring Forward


It is 80 degrees here in NY.!! And since I haven’t been outside to live in the moment thought i do it now.! Sitting outside in my backyard just basking in the beautiful evolution of flowers and butterflies and listening to my music is really incredible. It looks absolutely beautiful right now.! Hot and feels goodddd.!

I am wearing my comfy house clothes with my USF shirt. Have to rep my school in Tampa even if I am not there at the moment. I have on black comfy sweats/tights with my USF shirt and my slippers. So since it’s so beautiful outside I thought i spring into a photo shoot.! Why not right.?

summer 2sunlightusfHad to do the bull sign 🙂

I had to wear my cardigan while I was under my gazebo because it got chilly. So i moved into the sun to feel the heat because knowing NY weather it will probably be cold tomorrow or even tonight.!

I also finished reading my book called “EMBRACE” by Jessica Shirvington. It’s a 4 series novel and it’s really good. Has some dreaded parts, but once you surpass those and get to the good parts it’s hard to put down. I even imagined how it will be with the characters acting them out when the movie comes out.

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of this other novel called “Fallen” by Lauren Kate that has a movie coming out. I am so ready.!!!

Are there any books you guys read on sunny days or just any day.? What are your favorites.? Leave some novel titles of what you like below and I shall check them out.! 🙂

book time


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