Plus Size woman can dress too

So again she had some really great outfits i had to share on my blog.! I love her outfits that she paired with those jeans.!! YASSSSSSS you look FABULOUS GYAL.!!!!

Hey budgets babes! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and I’m excited to announce a NEW BRAND on the blog!! I recently got some pieces from Simply Be, a plus size brand based in the UK. One of the pieces I received was a pair of white skinny jeans with rips in the knees. […]

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  1. I’m considered thin and I’ll be honest, I dodo have some sort of prejudice against large women. But when a woman really owns her size and dresses in clothes that flatter her and she owns her look I’m completely envious! I’s when a big girl is trying to squeeze into something two sizes too small that I cringe and feel uncomfortable. I think in some ways I’m bad for writing this but I want to be transparent.


    1. Yea. Honestly we all feel that way thin or big. Because NOONE should be squeezing into anything. It’s uncomfortable and unflattering, BUT when a girl can FIT into the right clothes and look AMAZING doing it then yes flaunt it because it looks BEAUTIFUL

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