Okay i have to do a recap for this episode. It was episode 8 and it was SOOOOOOO INTENSE OMG. This show gets insane and insane and insane each week.!!! If you do not watch the show and want to know what it is about you can check out my The Family blog and get information on what it’s about and how to catch up.! If you have not watched this episode yet or just havent watched any episodes from this series THEN DO NOT CONTINUE READING.!! IF U DO THEN THAT IS ON YOU BECAUSE THIS IS SPOILERS.!!!! 

Okay so this is a quick recap just about the parts i really loved and the twisty parts as well.!

1st part i loved was when Ben keeps sneaking out at 2 am and you see Hank watching him walk out of his house every night. You find out that Ben has been going to a house which is where he takes the bus too. By all the pictures they showed it looks like the house may be a foster home.! He comes into, im guessing his room, and is greeted by this dog. He ends up sleeping on the couch.! So im guessing noone is there when he goes there because NOONE goes into the living room, or wherever he is at and sees him or hears the door.!! *TV SHOWS YO*

2nd part i loved was when  detective Meyer gets a tip that Ben is always sneaking out the house and follows him on the bus. What she sees, but does not realize until the end is that the boy is left handed. Something Adam is NOT.!!!!

3rd part is when Willa, the psycho daughter, gets threats and photos about her drunken mother. So to fix a secret she tells a secret. So she spills to her gf.? or fling.? that detective Meyer and her dad had an affair. And when her mother, Claire, confronts her about the way she handled the threats she basically tells her well this is how i work. And you would not be where you are if i didnt work the way i do. Basically her mother probably would have been in a psych ward or dead if it was not for her daughter being the manipulative psycho that she is. 🙂

4th part i loved is when Hank goes over to tell Claire that her son has been sneaking out at 2am in the morning. She tells him to leave and to stop watching her son. (Which of course only her and willa knows it’s not her son). Then he has the greatest comeback by saying, “It wasn’t some random chance that he was taken.” “He was taken because you weren’t watching him. You weren’t then and you’re not now. … You have no idea where he’s going, what he’s doing. You have no idea who he is. Your head is so buried in the sand, you need the friendly neighborhood pedophile to come over here and tell you that you should be a better mother and keep an eye on your son.” YIKESS.!!!! But it paid off she ended up talking to BEN and she thanked her friendly neighborhood pedophile in the end.

5th part was when Claire told Ben he needs to leave because he is not her son.! That she will put him in a nice family home. He convinced her to keep up the ruse by telling her things about Adam since Ben is the only one who grew up with him and therefore knows him. Lets just say Claire finally conceded, but in the end this boy is the only one who knows anything about Adam so she has to go along with it, BUT for how long.?

6th Part was when Meyer’s partner goes to Doug’s house to talk to his wife about his indiscretions lets call them and it did not end well. She put the pieces together and well ended up killing the man. Her husband came home and they talked and crazy part SHE KNEW ABOUT HIM BECAUSE APPARENTLY HE DONE THIS BEFORE.!!!!!! BITCH is insane.!!! Two killers and psychos about to raise this baby. LORD PRAY FOR THIS CHILD.!!!! But atleast the baby can find a body in their yard one day…….

7th and craziest part is the very last seconds when Hank opens the door and says thank you for coming havent seen you in a long time. AND IT’S. . . . . . . . . . . . DOUG.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUPPSSS.!!!! WHO KNEW THEY EVEN KNEW EACH OTHER.!!!!!???? HMMM TWO PSYCHOS TALKING TO EACHOTHER I DONT BELIEVE IT’S ONLY TO FIX THINGS IN THE KITCHEN. BECAUSE LIKE DOUG SAID, “IM VERY GOOD AT MY JOB.” OR SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES.!!!!!!!


Like i said these are my favorite OMG moments from the show.!!! SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. So if u saw it please comment below some of yours.!!!!! 🙂 Until next time #THEFAMILY


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  1. The moment when Jane brains the FBI agent my jaw hit the floor. Every OMG moment 4 u was one for me also, but this one was a OMG F NO moment. Why the heck would a woman protect a pedophile knowing shes bringing a baby knto the world. And he is dead so I guess the jokes starts like this….a pedophile marries a pregnant murderer ????????????

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    1. YESSSSS EXACTLY.!!!!!! Idk all i know is that as soon as she said you promise you wont do this anymore i was like WTF.!!!!! But you saw how hurt he was too.!! He started crying and everything and he looked shocked when he found out what she did too.!!! I guess we will start to hear the story behind this REAL SOON


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