It’s been forever since i wrote a post. I’ve been soooo busy. Trying to get everything situated into my new life. Let me tell u it is not easy. I am overwhelmed by so much.! I will try to post more.!

What can i say that will quickly summarize everything.?

Florida is not what i expected. It’s very lonely, not that much fun, and takes some getting used to. No car so can’t just drive anywhere i want.! It’s something that is urking at times. Having to depend on others is what i hate most. But what else am i going to do.?

After i got everything situated and i became focused and not so fuzzy and overwhelmed things started to calm down.

Homecoming week is this week and im excited. I cant do much because of bowling. I wanted to go to homecoming but can’t do that and this big sean concert idk what is going on. Right now so many things are happening might not be able to go.! But im having a good time with bowling.! Something to experience once right.?!

I will not be doing this again next year.! I already decided on that.! Bowling atleast traveling i will not be doing next year. I dont mind being in the club though and still talking to everyone.!

Well that summarizes everything.! I will try and post more frequently


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