Apartment Bedroom INFO

Okay so this post will be about my apartment and life inside of it 🙂

I live in a 3/3 apartment complex. It’s close by my school. The funny part is that only 2 of us are occupying the space right now. They haven’t found a third roomie for us. I actually wish i did i have one though because my roommate is always at work or she’s with her boyfriend or friends. So i be here in my bedroom texting my friend who lives 30-40 mins away from the campus and me and be feeling so lonely.!! 😦

I have the medium bedroom(Pictures at the end of this post) and my roomie has the big room. She has the walk in closet. It leads to the bathroom. Mine is very roomy too. U turn to the left it has my bed, closet and bathroom. Everything is a great size too. Once u enter my room my dresser is right there and so is my night stand(I never understood why they call it nightstand like why not morning stand or something else.?)

My living room is an open area with the kitchen and then the third empty bedroom is right next to the kitchen. Me and my roommate room’s are next to eachother.

The complex is not too bad. It’s a new complex they are making a new pool. I havent even used the one they have now. Everytime i come home from school there are always “COUPLES” there. So yeaa. I just dont care to swim in the pool. Rather a beach. It’s hard though when your roomie is always busy and u dont have much friends to go with. And when u are carless. But im trying to make more.

Im in this disney group page which two people i talk to are going to go out for dinner and movies with me next week and plan a disney trip. And im on the bowling team and the people are so friendly and sweet and nice.!! You can read about my bowling happiness here.

Overall i have not done much, BUT plan to quickly and soon. I will try and update u as much as possible. Thanks for reading. Comment, rate, like & follow.!! 🙂

Here are the pictures of my room.


Dresser & nightstand :)
Dresser & nightstand 🙂
My lil sissy wanted me to put this so i did.!! Have to hear her say this.!! :)
My lil sissy wanted me to put this so i did.!! Have to hear her say this.!! 🙂
Just me
Just me



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