Long time No write.! :(

Hey everyone.! I’m sorry it’s been a week since i posted. I’ve been soooooooo busy.!!! I have free time. Nice and early. Thought I update everyone on what has been happening. 

So Wednesday was the day i updated everyone on the fact that we had landed and arrived in florida. It wasn’t smooth sails though. I couldn’t get my keys for the apartment after we finished shopping for everything because well they were closed. & the man never informed me of that when i called and asked if i can pick up my keys whenever.! So i just dropped my things off by my place thanks to my roomie because she was there. Then I slept in the hotel. I hung with my mom and sis the whole weekend and spent the night over there the whole time. They were leaving so like why not right.? We had fun went out to eat, BUT we took a little detour over this bridge about ALL the time lols. Because my mother kept missing her turn OR turning the wrong way. So that was the bust BUT also fun of the trip too.! 🙂 We basically shopped for things i needed. My food and all the other little things until they left.! 😦

Now the start of the week. The buses of course are sometimes late. Okay so MOSTLY late. I hung with my friend i met on this class page. So I’ve been hanging with her. She has been helping alot. She’s a freshman but she did summer classes here so she knew where most places were. I also use google maps too. Very helpful. These apps are so helpful i find the place i need to get to and then put it into google maps & POW lols. I find it. 

My classes aren’t bad. I have art class which scares me a little bit. I am not an art person, BUT couldn’t find any other class to fill this requirement heading i need. I’m staying in it. I need it so yea just have to take one for the team.! -_- Team being my GPA & me leaving here as early as possible. Math class is also a challenge. PSY stats is not something that even sounds fun. BUT in order to even open up my other classes i need especially for PSY i need this sooo. . . UGH.!!!! Me & my friend are in the same class too so we just sit together. My Global & Tech class he grades us on attendance and participation so he will either let us volunteer or call our names randomly to give input. I dont know much about alot of the topics, but when he calls on me i’ll try to answer is all i think about.

I’m still trying to make friends. I need them in times like this. When my roommate is at work or chilling with her friends. My other friend don’t live out here so we can never really meet up much. Me & my roommate don’t have another roomie beause there is none to fill the room up yet. So i just be here in my room all alone like now.! 😥 I NEED FRIENDS.!! I know i will make some soon though. But until then NETFLIX & Pandora have been doing FANTASTIC.!!! 😀 

I keep forgetting that i am in florida. I will sometimes even think that i will run into someone i know and then I remember Angel you are not in NY. I am so used to living in NY living somewhere else is so strange. I dont know where things are i dont know people. I am just here.! But I will get used to it. I watch my shows from my laptop since i have no DVR 😦 But it’s not soo bad. 

I have this thing called Canvas. & my professors use that to communicate with us. Homework, quizzes, and assignments are on this. So if i don’t check it atleast twice a day who knows what i can miss. I usually check it twice a day. Once in the morning and again at night. Unless i forgot something or need to go back on, BUT if not twice a day. 

I guess you can say overall my first week was a challenge but it was not really bad at all.! What about you guys.? How was your first week or day.? Did you start school yet.? Let me know.! 🙂 I want to know so leave comments down below. 


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