We arrived

Okay so I am writing this on the plane. But we have an hour and 20 mins left by now until we land. So my bright idea was to send out mass texts to everyone saying we landed so when I turn my wifi on it will automatically send. & to also write something on here so when we land it will be updated to my blog.

I LOVE planes, but the sitting still and just waiting to land scares me more than my love for it lols. I pray all the time on planes. When u hear so many stories of plane crashes trust me u will pray non-stop for a safe delivery to whereever you are going.!

I will be in tampa soon in my new place with my roommate and God I’m so excited. I can’t wait to meet her and to get settled into my place. I packed so much we have ALOT of suitcases we have to wait for when we get off the plane.

Tampa I am ready to meet u again. & I’m ready to conquer you and be swept up in all your glories.!

I’ll update you guys when I get settled in if things don’t get to hectic. So much unpacking to do especially with all the boxes I have at the apartment already.! :/

But until I do a update. I hope you have a blessed day. And enjoy the pictures.! 🙂



In the sky. . . Clouds 🙂


Me and my new haircut before leaving my forever home. I’m loving it


Us in the airport.!!

Update u guys on more later. I’m tired with only few hours of sleep and I believe I feel a migraine coming on.! :/

P.S. totally forgot to post hours before so here u go 🙂 #Sorry


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