My Weekend

Hey everyone. I know i havent wrote anything in a while. Nothing exciting anyways. I’ve been soo busy packing and getting everything i need for the move to florida. I will be in an apartment with my roomie and i just been getting things i need for my bedroom, bathroom and just everything for the apartment. This post i thought i talk about what i have been up too this past weekend.

On Saturday i had friends and family come over for a bbq we were doing in the backyard. (Pictures will be posted on my facebook). My little cousin’s birthday is the 31st of this month, but with me leaving on Wednesday my family decided to throw her a birthday party on Saturday the 15th. My aunt made her a frozen dress. It was Freaking AMAZING.! She made her an Elsa hat and dress. We loved it on my little cousin. She looked BEAUTIFUL.! My aunt does croshays as well. (For more information on my aunt’s page you can go here and buy anything and email her as well.) My little cousin turns 3 and she looked radiant.

She blew out her cupcake candles, all 3 of them and it was soooo cute.!

There was also something else going on Saturday. A surprise going away party for me.! My mom opened up a box that had congratulations Angel and then another box with cake that said we will miss you angel. They both were rum cake.(I dont eat cake idk why, but with this being rum i sure did not like cake even more lols.) I was soo happy. My mom was going to cry and i was wishing she didn’t because if she did i would of cried as well. Thank God she didn’t. But i know she will when she’s leaving with my sister to go back home next sunday. My aunt also took a video of me and my mother and her speech.( CLICK to watch)

It’s fair to say that me and my little cousin had an amazing time and enjoyed Saturday.! I love everyone that came.! They made it even that much more special. I will miss every last one of them.! Some of them Saturday was the last day i saw them. My brother i will see again tomorrow. & Everyone else i will see either next year or on Thanksgiving break.! 🙂

I’m leaving the “NEST” & God knows i couldn’t be more proud to venture out and make some friends and have some fun. BUT to get my GPA up. . .  This girl is trying to make the dean’s list 😉


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