Okay so almost everyone probably watched the PLL finale.! I loved the story line.! It was sad and heartbreaking. But with CECE being A.!! Ugh i hated that part. Now this is just my opinion, BUT i felt as if she was so irrelevant since day 1. I honestly thought the girl died. LMAO sorry but that is how irrelevant to my life she was. I forgot she existed. Did not like the fact that they put an unimportant woman to be an important one, but i guess. . . And that BITCH Sarah i never liked her from the get go.! NEVER TRUSTED HER.! And i feel like she was busier than the rest. She was red coat and black widow like damn.!!!!! She was real busy for someone who was in the damn ditch for “YEARS” Shows u can’t really trust a person.!

But anyways like that 5 year time jump though looking good, I wonder who the guy is that the liars were talking about.! The summer finale sucked but i am excited for the winter premiere of the second half of the season to start back in January. PLL i waited 4 and a half years for this. I can sure say i was disappointed. I rated it a 7 because of the storyline, but with who A was. For someone who was never important.! She sure was important. Maybe if she was actually in the episodes like really in them. Then i would of been more shocked in a good way. And sad and angry in a good way. LIKE OMG NO THEY DIDNT. THAT WAS MY GIRL. Instead i was more like OMG NO THEY DIDNT. I THOUGHT SHE WAS DEAD.! HOW IS SHE EVEN RELEVANT. But anyways w.e. it’s over with.

If you watch Pretty Little Liars. Let me know what you thought about the SUMMER FINALE.!! 🙂 Leave your thoughts below.


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