Motivation Monday.?

On my IG i posted my Motivation Monday quote. The quote was simple. Oprah said, “Surround yourself with Only people who are going to lift you higher.” It’s so hard at first. Only because you think and believe that everyone you talk to is there to lift you higher. But some people are only there for a season not forever.! They are there to lift you up for a while and are meant to leave after, but you try and have them stick around longer which then defeats the purpose of them being seasonal and creates a problem leading them to be people that are bringing you down.

I know i used to think if we are friends then you are meant to help me. You are meant to help lift me up. I didnt talk to alot of people, so for me when i was friends with people i would believe that we were meant to be friends for life. That we were meant to be each other’s helpers. You need friends who will help you no matter what. And i didnt have friends like that. It took a while to understand what type of friends i am supposed to have. Took years, but FINALLY at 20, almost 21 in a few months, I realized what i AM MEANT to HAVE.! True friendships and real people. And i am finding people like that. Maybe it took me leaving, but im finding things i never found here.!

I found a friendship in my roomie, thank God because it would of been horrible to have a roomie u don’t get along with. And then i have my other friend. I’ve known her since June 11th.! I love her she’s awesome. We met on this class page i used to be in. We text every now and then. She is in school now. So we barely talk, but we write each other to say good morning and good night and we quickly catch up on each other’s day. To have friends like that is nice. Shows that you were at least on their mind.

I have family who i love with all my heart. They ALWAYS have my back and always support me. I never need to worry about not having their love and support because i always have it.

Having a support system that supports you, cares for you, loves you, and always tries to honestly help you is the motivation everyone needs. So this is my motivation post. What motivates you to do things.? Who motivates you.?


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