Are You Ready.?

Okay so school is right around the corner. Are you guys ready.? Are you in high school.? Or are you a college student like me.? I hated high school after like 9th grade. Friends I thought were my friends ditched me and honestly I was a mess about it. But I got over it because they obviously weren’t my true friends. True friends work things out, but they didn’t so I said w.e. FUCK you and moved on.! I am happy I don’t talk to the those people. Fake is what they were. Oh well. New people come in the way and that is all that matters to them. I even had a friend who I still chatted with after h.s. We weren’t super duper close but we were close enough to talk everyday. I didn’t trust her completely, but I trusted her with the things I didn’t care much about hiding. Some things I tested her with. But anyways she is away at college and we talked for about a month everyday then she moved on with her new friends and “BACK THEN BOYFRIEND” Yes she has a new one. Not shocked at all. But she always found time to hit the bf up or those friends or even the friends from H.S. up but NEVER me. I asked her and confronted her about it on multiple occasions. And her answer always was im busy. LIKE BULL.!!! Never believed her not once. I gave her chance after chance. Not no more. I’m done with her. And God im happy about it. Fake people are the worst. But im cleansed of those.

As I head into a new college with my AA degree going for my BA degree in a new state I ask myself am I ready.? Am I ready to be without my parents and little sister.? Am I ready to make life long friends that will stay with me forever.? You know those ride or die best friends. Am I ready to work harder than ever before to get on the dean’s list and get my GPA high.? Am I ready to have fun in Tampa and with my friends and at my school.? Am I ready for new adventures and new activities.? Am I ready to finally find love for the very first time.? Real love.? These questions I ask myself all the time because the days get closer and with only 2 weeks left I tend to get scared and frightened. But i know I’m ready because I wanted this more than anything for the longest time. And to be able to finally get the chance to have these things. . . GOD I AM READY.!!

So the QUESTION I ask you guys today is Are YOU ready.?


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