Which ex disney star are you.?

So i LOVE Demi lovato and Selena Gomez. My favorite disney stars. Demi lovato is a talented woman. 22 turns 23 this year and she is in a wonderful relationship with her 12 years age difference boyfriend of 5 years Wilmer. Selena is a wonderful woman as well. Great actress and singer. Advocate just like demi. Selena is currently single and is mingling. She is 23 today july 22,2015. I love them both and i honestly can’t choose who i love more. There is an equal love for them both. Selena and Demi are both coming out with a new studio album. Their last studio album was 2013. Selena’s was Stars Dance and Demi’s was Demi.

Demi Lovato started her own record label with her good friend Nick Jonas called Safehouse records. Demi is doing an amazing job. She conquered so much and did so much for someone who is turning 23 in August. So much happened to her at a young age and she conquered it all and took a stand and is fighting back harder than ever. Demi has a new SEXY, ROCK, FAST, PUMP UP, song out called “Cool For The Summer”. Her video comes out July 23 2015. I absolutely love her song. She makes me dance.! It is amazing if you did not hear it yet go and listen to it NOW.!!! You will not regret it. And with that teaser video she put out LORD it looks CRAZY GOOD.!! 😀

Selena Gomez came out with two new songs and videos. In late 2014 she came out with “The Heart Wants What It Wants”. The video and the song was very BEAUTIFUL & TOUCHING.! She did admit that the song she recorded was a while back about her ex Justin Bieber. It was amazing.!! I listened to that song 1,000 times every single day and night.! I still play it every now and then. In the video you can see the hurt and pain she felt being with him towards the end of their on-off relationship.But you can also see that he clearly was her first real deep true love and as much times as he hurt her towards the end she wouldn’t and couldnt let him go. It looked like a crazy whirlwind. And now her new song that she just released the video for “Good For You Feat A$AP ROCKY” is about her finally taking a stand for her own happiness and life and taking control and being beautiful in her own skin, while showing people you can still look good for your significant other while still being in control. This is my favorite song.! Out of both her and demi this song is my favorite. It is a Beautiful, Sexy, Slow Jam song and it is amazing. I love it and can listen to it everyday.

This is just my opinion. I love selena’s song better.

What about you.? If you heard both songs which disney princess do you prefer.? Which song is sexier and catches your mind.?


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