Shades R For Me

I am moving to a sunshine state. . . Florida like i mentioned in my earlier post. Which means i will need my sunnies to see especially since my eyes hurt with all that sun in it for too long.

I became obsessed with sunglasses a while ago and idk why. I have a few that i absolutely LOVE. I cant wait to buy more. I have about 8 pairs of sunnies right now. And i will hopefully be buying more when im in florida.

I have aviators and big huge round sunnies.

I love the huge ones because they are so cute to me and they look fabulous on me. They block the sun and fit well on my face. I was obsessed with the huge ones before i even thought of the aviators. I think i get it from my mother. Some of my glasses have sparkles on them some are just plain. Some have designs on the ear piece part. One has these lines on the ear piece part that goes on the ear but it’s really nice and cute. My other huge sunnies have “diamonds” at the side of the eye glasses.

My aviators are cute as well. I think i am more in love with them than the huge ones i have. I have two regular aviator glasses and then i have this special one i just got from this IG page called SHADESRUS1. They are quick with sending u your shades and plus there is no shipping fee. So deff check them out.! I will most deff be buying from them again. But anyways my shades are two toned tinted shades and 100%UV protected. I wore them multiple times and the sun was not hurting my eyes. I can look at the sun without no problem. . . even though you probably shouldn’t look at the sun anyways. The shades is green and blue two toned and i love it. I wore it to the beach and was in heaven. My mom loves it too.

I also bought these big blue shades from them as well. That is more for out doing things relaxing shades. While my other one is for beach type. I love me some sunnies. And i am deff bringing them all with me. I am obsessed with sunnies and that is not a crime. Be proud of your obsession people. . . ONLY IF IT IS NOT A CRIME.!! 😀


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