Okay so it is that time for a MCM. I have three.

  1. Micheal Ealy

This man is probably every one’s MCM. I know when keke palmer test ran her tv show just keke she talked about her MCM & he was it. It was great, so great that they surprised her and he came on the show with flowers and told her how proud he is of her. He is an incredible actor. He is a VERY sexy man. His personality when he does interviews are great. I loved him in think like man. This actor can be my man any day. LOL. I am waiting for his dark side to come out again in his new movie The perfect guy. I said again because he played in my show the following and he was this dark, twisted, caring, narcissistic guy who would of did anything for his sister and to protect himself from anyone ever knowing about who he really is. To see him in the trailer for a perfect guy which comes out September 11,2015 makes me get all tingly inside. Dont get me wrong Morris Chestnut is an incredible actor too and very sexy as well, but micheal just has something about himself. He was also in 2 fast 2 furious my movie franchise all time favorite. 41 year old man and still rocking EVERYTHING well.!!! You Micheal Ealy yum yum. . . are my first MCM.


2. Matthew Gray Gubler

Okay so i dont know much about him except he is so damnnn gorgeous. But if you google him it says he is an actor, director, fashion model, painter and filmmaker. Which also means he is getting alot of $$$$$$$. I started watching this show criminal minds because of my mother who started watching it because of my father. So you can see how the cookie crumbles. . . 🙂 Anyways i love him in it.! His genius mind is funny, scary, cute, sexy, and just EVERYTHING.! He’s such a sweetheart and he can defuse my criminal mind anyday. . . 😉 35 is a great age so maybe we should date lols

sexy mcm
sexy mcm

3. Shemar Moore

Lastly, shemar. I think im on a criminal minds guys day today.!! This sexy hunk a dunk “baby boy” (If anyone watches criminal minds u know his “girl” Garcia calls him that) is AMAZING in criminal minds. Just like his co star i don’t know much about him, but i do follow him on IG shemarfmoore. He is an activist. He is helping to raise awareness for MS Major Scoliosis.  He is a great guy helping to make a difference and you dont see that everyday. Hes an amazing actor and he makes me want to get arrested so he can take me in.! 😉 He also starred in diary of a mad black woman which was a great movie too. 45 and still sexing it up while making a difference.!! U GO SHEMAR.!!!


That is it for my MCM. I will do another one when the time comes back around.!!! Thank you for reading 🙂


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