Color Vibe 5k

I went to color vibe july 11,2015 in Long island. I went with my mother and we had so much fun. We got there and we had to walk about 15 mins to get to the actual starting line. Then when we got inside there was only two portable bathrooms. Like what the hell. There were hundreds of people there and they only had two damn bathrooms to use.? Well to our shock there actually was more. We were told that when we turn the corner that there are 50 bathrooms. We leaned over to our left and YES there actually was 50 more. We didn’t even know. And this whole time we were standing on line. Well atleast we know for next time right.?

So we head to the starting line and i had my selfie stick out and ready. Yes i brought my selfie stick. (Alot of people came up to me saying they wish they brought their’s now that they saw me carrying mine during the race.) Anyways they let people off 100 at a time or maybe a little bit more. We were the third round. We got sprayed with people’s color packs and got colored with one of those nice colors. *Nope i dont remember. I got colored with so many colors i dont even think i remember how much there was.! :(* We started jogging and of course with the heat being 87 degrees and me jogging and sweating my pants started falling off. So me and my mother watched as people ran around us. I didnt care i was just happy to be there.

There was about 4 stations. Pink, Blue, Green, and purple. *Dont quote me* People were sliding around in the colors to make sure they got it all over them. It was great to record and watch. We ran through the color stations and got colored with joy.! I had a blue color pack and my mom had a green, thanks to the people who transferred their tickets over to us which we actually didnt even need. (I will explain later on) I wanted to open mine up since we started and we were going on to the 4th color station. I opened it up and ran up to my mother and threw my entire blue in her face. It was magical lmao. So magical i got it on camera. She opened up hers and we recorded and snapped pictures of her putting her greenness on us both then of course on me. After all that fun we went through the last color cycle and then took pictures on the grass of me cartwheeling. When all of that was finished we joined the party up in the front. And let me tell you that is when the real FUN began. 🙂

The DJ was amazing with the songs. The host was so damn cute and there was this blue dude covered in a blue suit from head to toe literally. Idk how he breathed in that in that hot ass air but he did, and he did a marvelous job hosting too. They threw color packs into the audience and also threw colored paint into the audience. We danced, sung, had a color war, and just had the best time.! Literally colors where all in the air flying from afar it looked like a beautiful sunset, or even a comet.? It did start to die down. People were leaving and then we ended up leaving and taking our pictures at the photo booth, which i have yet to receive because my mother has not emailed them to me. . . MOM.!!!!!!!!! I knew i should of gave my email. HMMPH….!!!!!!

Anyways the end of the day we had a damn BLAST.!! It was soo much fun and i would love to do it again in Tampa. The only 2 questions i have are 1. What day is the one in Tampa.? 2. Whose coming with me.? 😀

Back to what i mentioned earlier about buying the tickets when we didnt need too. At Long Island it is unorganized. People can just walk in when ever they want and run and noone will know. They dont check you or anything. So you dont need to pay to get in to the Long Island one. Not sure about the others. 

P.S. pictures are not loading here but if you go to my youtube page you can see a video on colorvibe that i did.!! 🙂 Thanks for reading.! Please follow me and like my posts. And the same for youtube

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